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For the Nintendo DS and DS lite choose the R4 card.
For the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL choose the R4i card or R4i Gold.
For the Nintendo 3dsDS and 3DS XL choose the R4 3DS or R4i Gold.

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The R4 DS is a game card the allows you to make backups of games you own. The R4 DS come in two options, the R4 DS for the Nintendo DS and DS lite console and the R4i DS for the Nintendo DSi console. We offer both versions of the R4 DS and we also offer bundles with memory cards for the R4.

So how does the R4 work?
Well in order to store files on the R4 DS you will need a Micro SD/SDHC memory card. This can be connect to your PC using the included USB memory card reader , which as the name suggests fits into the USB port on your PC. Once connected you can easily download and transfer the relevant software for the R4 DS onto your Micro SD/SDHC. If you need a more detailed explanation of how to do this you can easily find information on YouTube or through various other video sites.

Where do I get the Micro SD/ SDHC memory card?
We are pleased to offer a range of bundles that come with a Micro SD memory card, these bundles are ideal for anyone who does not already own a Micro SD memory card. Last but not least a great feature of the R4DS is its ability to store and playback music, photos and videos ideal for when you’re on the move and need something to do. Transferring these files is simple, just connect your Micro SD card to your PC as mentioned and transfer the files over. 


R4 game adapters are made to go with your Nintendo DS gaming device. R4 allows you to save NDS games for you to play along with your NDS, NDSi or NDS Lite. R4 adapter cards come in two different versions. The r4 game adapter is built to suit the DS and DS Lite Nintendo models while the r4i is perfect for the newest model, Nintendo DSi. Both versions of the r4 series adapter cards are sold in a bundle pack together with memory cards. 

How to use the r4 card? To start playing your favorite NDS games using your new R4 card game adapter, you need a memory card. The type of memory card that you need to hold your saved games are the micro SD type memory cards. The SD micro is the perfect partner of your r4 card. The files that can be loaded with your r4 card ranges from NDS games, music files, pictures, and videos. 

To do a file transfer to and from your SD micro, you need to connect the SD micro to the memory card reader and onto your computer. Check how this is done by visiting and watching videos uploaded on You Tube. 

If you ask the majority of Nintendo DS owners they will not know what an R4 is. The R4 is a great device that allows you to easily play a wide range of different files on your Nintendo DS or DSi (with the R4i). It allows you to play Mp3s, watch movies and even read eBooks. Due to its highly advanced features and wide range of benefits it is no wonder that many R4 users recommend them to the friends. The R4 will really ‘revolutionize your Nintendo DS’.

The R4 DS is very affordable and well worth the price most users’ minds. Operating the R4 is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up, making it ideal for the not so ‘techie’ people out there. Files are stored on a Micro SD or SDHC memory card which fits neatly into the front of the R4 card. Due to the fact that the R4 is so light and cheap it is set to be very popular and with constant updates it will be kept up to date. If you are lucky enough to own the Nintendo DSi console that is not a problem, the R4i will easily work with the DSi (since that’s what is designed for). It features all of the same features of the R4 DS. Another benefit of the R4 is its ability to support a Micro SDHC memory card up to 16GB for storing huge amounts of data. The R4 DS really is the must have gadget for any Nintendo Ds or Dsi console user. 



Many of the game lover’s are still not aware of the merits of R4 DS device in the market. R4 DS are a special device which allows you to get connected with your Nintendo DS and also lets you to enjoy by hearing your music, watching movies, surfing etc. It is a one stop device to get in hold with several things. The demand over R4 have been enhancing day by day in the market as people have started realising the multiple functionality of the devices. The Nintendo owners cannot think of playing games without the R4 Ds or R4 Dsi. It would be a perfect device for the game lovers to hang over as they love for new updates for their games. 

The good thing about R4 Ds or R4 is that they are cheaper and affordable for all game lovers and comes up with variety of designs. People can grab their R4 devices from stores as most of the stores have got hold with this device or through online purchase which will safe your time. After grabbing your R4 device initial thing you have to do before stepping into playing games is to store his/her games in a directory or a memory card. The RS DS players can probably save it in the microSD card. Separating the games according to the folders will help you to get in touch with your games quickly in a well organised manner. It is quite important that you have to back up file regarding R4 DS or R4 Dsi games if the microSD gets into troubles or corrupted. Keep note that it is always good that not to take out the R4 DS from the console when ever you want to add games or files. These amazing features of R4 devices have grabbed the attention of game lovers as the demand has been increasing in huge numbers day by day. 

A never before option of eBook reader, MP3 player and many more features in the Nintendo DS has been a major factor for the game lovers to purchase the devices which can’t be witnessed with any other devices in the market. This would be the right time to pick up your purchase to get hold of your R4 DS device to experience the new world of gaming. Just log on to the website and purchase through online. You might just receive a good discount offer and also get trial period of 30 days or something. In case you are not satisfied with the device, you can even return it back for a full refund or replace your R4 DS for another gadget.


The latest R4 DS brings with it the new flash cartridge technology for the Nintendo DSi. This R4 DSs allows your DSi to accept a micro SD memory card that allows you to watch movies, browse pictures, read e-books, play music and do lots more. This card is your complete solution to all the above needs and you no longer have to buy any extra components of software for them any more. The R4 DS is undoubtedly the easiest media device that you can imagine owning for your Dsi console. 

The Key Features Of The New R4 DS are :

” It supports Wi-Fi, DS rumble pack and DS browser
” It is the of the same size as an original DS or DSi game cartridge
” It supports different speeds of all micro SD cards
” It has a standard FAT system support
” It also has Homebrew support and IO lib available on launch
” There is no battery needed for the back up of the save file(s) directly into the micro SDHC card directory
” It has Built-in PassMe and there is NO need for any boot cartridge / passcard etc.
” Uses micro SD/SDHC memory card (TransFlash) as storage
” It also has a touch screen control with a robust skinning support
” It is compatible with the 1.4 firmware-13th Sept 09
” It can be used to drag and drop files to the micro SDHC card and play
” It supports all the HC (high capacity) memory cards that are up to 32GB
” It also has a Upgradable Firmware (OS / Bios / Kernel)
” It also has the facility to boot clean dump images that are downloadable from internet

What is included?
” 1x R4i Hard Case
” 1x USB micro SDHC memory card reader/writer
” 1x R4 DS (Slot-1)

R4 3DS Card

The R4 card was released to work with the DS and DS lite consoles and quickly became a huge success, becoming the number one selling DS accessory on the market. However the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles replaced the DS consoles and they rendered the R4 useless with these consoles, that was until the R4i-SDHC team released the R4i SDHC card which offered full support for the DSi/ DSi XL consoles. 

Most recently the Nintendo Corporation released the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles and a new card was needed, known as the R4i SDHC 3DS or R4 3DS the replacement card offers huge improvements over the previous cards including faster gaming loading times, improved user interface and support for the latest firmware. We offer a wide selection of R4 3DS cards with various memory cards available for storing your media files on with ease.

R4 Card

The R4 card is a popular storage device for the Nintendo gaming console. Storage devices come in a range of types, with a host of different features such as size. These features also usually determine the price of the device. The Nintendo R4 storage adapters are categorized into first generation and second generation devices. Of course, the first generation adapters are the older ones while the newer ones are the second generation. 

R4 DS means ‘Revolution for DS’ and it’s relatively advanced technology for storage devices. Before the Nintendo console is set up properly, the R4 DS should be correctly inserted into the console. Although the process is not that complicated, installing and setting up the R4 card can be a little difficult for users who are not familiar with the device. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the steps you need to correctly install the R4 DS card, highlighting the key steps and the order in which they have to be set up. Download Firmware – Firmware is software that enables hardware devices to work as they ought to. In this case, the R4 DS firmware enables the read-only memory to function. Thus, before setting up your card on the console, you need to get the firmware ready and working properly. The latest version of the firmware is accessible via the RD 4S website, and once you’ve selected the file to download, save it on your hard drive.

Save files onto card – First, you’ve got to format the card. Insert it into the USB port and format it. Use FAT32 file system for formatting. When that’s done, copy the downloaded files onto the formatted card. They are usually four files, but you can copy other files as well, such as ‘.mp3s’ and ‘.nds’, among others. Setting up the cartridge to work with the card – When the files have been copied to the card, you can now slot the card into the Nintendo DS console. To do this, remove card from card reader and slot it into the cartridge; you can then insert the cartridge into the console’s first slot (slot-1).

Start the console – Now that you have the firmware installed and the cartridge set up, you can power the Nintendo DS console. You will tell that everything is working fine when the message ‘Loading’ displays on screen. If this isn’t the case, then the files weren’t properly copied, and you’d be better off starting the whole process again. Otherwise the R4DS is ready for use if the message displays fine. The only thing left is to select games and play away. Note that you can also download games to your card if the memory allows. After going through this simple process, it becomes easier to do it all over again with another card. The process isn’t technical at all and need not any particular skills. When you’ve enjoyed all your games on the R4DS card, look out for other updates with bigger memory to enjoy even more games, music, and video, among others.

R4i Card

Nintendo has developed many different gaming systems to captivate the imaginations of individuals in all age groups. Young and old alike, have become entranced by these gaming systems and the available games. Nintendo’s latest invention is the Nintendo DSi, which is similar to the Nintendo 3DS except for a few slight alterations. The Nintendo DSi is a gaming system with cameras and an SD application for storage purposes. R4i cards are the storage card that is used for this device to store data and memory. This even allows for a downloadable internet browser that allows you to download games directly to your device.

R4i cards enable your Nintendo 3DS to become a type of multimedia entertainment system that is portable and compact. You can watch movies, listen to music and upload videos by simply using an R4i card on your game console. This invention revolutionizes the way that you traditionally used you Nintendo 3DS systems. R4i cards are affordable and enable your gaming device to do much more than simply play games. You can even use your R4i card to surf the internet and convert your game console into a portable computer.

Popular DSi games include Broken Sword, Shadow of the Templars, Dragon Quest V and New Super Mario. R4i cards were specifically designed to enable Nintendo 3DS systems and DSi systems to perform more tasks. This gives your handheld console much more power and allows you to do much more than simply play games. R4i cards are flash cards that enable your portable device to do much more than you ever imagined. Now your 3DS and DSi can be used on the go for a variety of different activities.

R4i cards are different from typical R4 cards, because they can be used on different gaming devices. R4 3DS cards are only compatible with 3DS consoles, but R4i cards can be used on both 3DS consoles and DSI gaming consoles. This makes them the more ideal option for gamers looking to enhance their overall gaming experience. There are many different R4 cards to choose from, but R4i cards are the best and most versatile option available. They have ample room for storage and are compatible with a variety of Nintendo gaming devices. If you are looking for a way to enhance your portable gaming console, you should definitely select an R4i card. This card is useful and will change the way you use your gaming device forever.