R4 Card Tips

You can significantly enhance the pleasure of using your Nintendo game console with the range of R4 cards available such as the R4i, R4i sdhc, R4i gold, R4 3ds, R4 card and R4i card. These smart cards help to add a whole new level of functionality to your Nintendo game console and that is one of the reasons the cards have become so popular among Nintendo game players. With the cards you can use your console to perform a whole new level of tasks and get more value from your console. The cards transform your console to a multimedia device capable of playing videos, movies and storing several games depending on size capacity. Here is how it works. 

Traditionally, you could only play games that come in standard Nintendo cartridges. You insert the cartridge into the card slot and access the game. What any R4 card does is that it expands the memory of your Nintendo console and allows you to access data stored on the card. The R4 card uses a micro SD card, which can easily be inserted into the R4i card. You can store several games, music and even videos on your SD memory card and insert it into the R4 sdhc card. 
You then affix the R4 to your console using the regular game slot. 

The inbuilt Nintendo compatible software inside the R4i cards will enable you to be able to access the games, videos, pictures or music stored in the SD card. Instead of having several game cartridges you can now own just one R4i card and it would contain different games plus your collection of favorite music, videos and pictures. The number of content you can add to your card will depend on the size of the inserted micro SD card and the model of the Nintendo game console. 

There are several reasons why the set of R4 cards available such as the R4i, R4i sdhc, R4i gold, R4 3ds, R4 card and R4i card are getting more popular. One of such reasons is that the card is very easy to use and install. You don’t have to be a geek or computer wiz to figure it out. It is almost as simple as operating basic functions on your mobile phone. Another reason is that it cuts down loading up speeds. Regular cartridges would take longer time to load, but with the R4 cards you can be up, running and playing your game with a few seconds. 

As soon as you put in an R4 card you will be prompted whether to play games or access the multi media function that would allow you access stored videos, songs and pictures. Another exciting feature that this smart card brings to Nintendo game consoles is the ability to connect you to the internet. You can thus easily access the internet from your Nintendo to get more games, music or videos. 

As can be seen, the R4i cards helps you break the limitations and boundaries of your regular Nintendo device and turns it to a more useful device. You can easily purchase different types of R4 cards on the internet. They are quite cheap, but you have to be sure that you only deal with a reputable dealer.