R4 DS Card

Heard of the R4? Well you should have if own a Nintendo DS or DSi console. The R4 is an amazing device that is taking the gaming world by storm. R4 is a gaming cartridge that allows you to not only play games but also listen to your favorite music, view photos and watch movies, all on your Nintendo DS! As well as this you can also read ebooks with the R4, meaning you will have no problem keeping yourself occupied on long journeys are whenever you would have previously have been bored. Although a large majority of Nintendo DS users have not heard of the R4 it is still in great demand. This demand is set to rise as more and more people tell theirs friends about ‘how good their new r4 is’.

Purchasing an R4 is not a chore, we offer a wide range of different bundles, so you are sure to find one that ‘suits your needs’. Once you have purchased your R4, setting it up is simply and easy task, it takes just a few minutes and can easily be done by ‘non techies’. Files on the R4 are stored on a Micro SD or SDHC (high capacity) memory card; this is then simply inserted into the front of your R4 card. You can easily transfer files from your PC to this Micro SD or SDHC memory card using the included memory card. In simple terms the memory card is the storage device that the files stay and the R4 is the adapter that allows this memory card to be used on your DS console. 

Transferring files is as easy as dragging and dropping your files onto the memory card once it is inserted into your PC, if you are unsure how to do this there are plenty of tutorials on site like YouTube on how to ‘drag and drop’ files. So what are you waiting for secure your R4 while you have the chance !