R4 DS Cards

With the growing demands of the handy media centre, you will find that Nintendo Wii has emerged as a successful brand in the world of games. And this became possible only because of the R4 revolution. What appeals to most people is that fact that these games are fully loaded with advanced features. In fact, Nintendo DS is providing its users a remarkable way for utilizing their handy gaming console with a single R4 DS flash memory card.

In recent times, the R4 card has turned out to be a significant device for all Nintendo and DS Lite and DS user who are interested to improve their overall experience about entertainment and gaming. With the latest R4 DS card you can store you games in one micro SD card. This implies that you no longer need to carry games collection with you. Nintendo DS has turned out to be a superb media and gaming station chiefly because of the R4 revolution. 

Amongst the new models, R4 DS games are greater in quantity simply because is comes with high storage space. Hence, if playing games is your passion then you can now select a superb collection of songs and movies and enjoy the entire experience from the comforts of your home simply by using one R4 DS card. Some of the unique feature of this flash card is as follows- 

  • R4 Firmware
  • wireless connections
  • internet connectivity
  • videos
  • movies

All these features and much more make the R4 DS card popular amongst the game lovers.