R4 DS Usage

The R4 is the number one DS console acceosry on the market, and theres a reason why. The R4 DS is superb device that when coupled with the Nintendo DS console will allow you to not only backup all the games you own but also playback media files that you previously couldn’t, files such as movies, music, photos and even eBooks. All thanks to the fact that the R4 supports a Micro SD or SDHC memory card that allows you to store endless amounts of data on small little memory card. For most users the R4 is the way to go, allowing users to store gigabytes of data on a device the same size as a regular game cartridge. The list ofd features that the R4 DS offers DS console users is endless. The R4 allows you to experience homebrew games, which are games which can be developed by anyone and released to download freely on the internet. This means you will now have access to thousands of more free games available to download on the internet in minutes. You can also playback music on the go and listen to it at your own leisure, for example many users like to listen to the devices while commuting. Designed with user access in mind, the GUI or graphic user interface of the R4 is easy to follow and makes navigation through the device easy and pain free. The device can be master within minutes by even the least technical person and is also super easy to setup, setup takes a matter of minutes and you are ready to start gaming. The R4 also features many other features and benefits available to all users which will further enhance your gaming experience like never before. Simply put, without the R4 DS your DS console is not being used to its full potential.