If you own a Nintendo DS then you need an R4 DS card. You might not have even heard of this card yet, but believe me once you have you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Have you even been on a long journey and had to take your DS, your Ipod and a book with you just to pass the time? What if I told you that your DS or DSi could do all of this for you? I know sounds impossible but with the R4 DS card it is more than possible. This card allows you to use your DS to play music, read e-books and even watch movies. It has been known for some time by game enthusiasts and is now starting to catch on with the general public. 

The only thing you need to remember when you get this card is to back up any existing games you have on your DS – just in case! You can do this in 2 ways….Either back up to a micro SD card or move them to a different directory on your DS. One of the best loved features of this DS card is the ability to set up folders on the device. This means that you never had to search high and low for the song, game or film you are looking for. It is simply a matter of going into the correct folder and you will find what you are looking for in seconds. Although the R4 DS card is relatively new to most of us, gamers have been aware of this product for some time and since it has been released demand has steadily increased. It is now available to buy on a number of game websites and is being stocked on the shelves of game stores. It can be hard to picture how the R4 DS card will work without trying it. For this reason many online retailers are offering trial periods or money back guarantees. The great thing is that despite this the card still remains affordable for all. 

If you buy yours now, in the next few days you will start to wonder why you ever used your Nintendo DS for just playing games when you can now do so much more! Whatever music you like, whatever e-books you want to read or whatever films you want to listen to your DS will soon have the capability to be able to do all of the above. The great thing about this gadget is that it is so simple to use – if you can use a DS then you will be able to use the R4 card. There are also versions available for both the DS and the DSi.