R4i Gold Guide

The R4i Gold is a new enhanced R4i card of www.r4ids.com. The team made a very tough decision on whether they will release the same version, it’s like they have no choice because of the popularity and in demand of the device. But the version that was also release was generally or originally obtained from R4i SDHC. Although it has different team but since it was made similar to the R4i Gold, which will be a good sign for the users.

If we will talk about popularity, R4i SDHC’s has it. You can also visit its website if you want to have a background check about the specification about the device; you can see no difference between the two versions of the device because as we all know it was made almost the same with the R4i Gold. There is a website in which it helps the team of R4i Gold and the R4i SDHC’S to promote it to people so that the market will easily get know the device, and that website was from UK specifically r4i.co.uk. After all the promotions that has made and done, it doesn’t still reach its goal to make a good outcome on the public compared to the old version of R4i Gold. Later, at the pick of the popularity of the so called R4i Gold 1.4 it’s a good thing that they made it to the top. They maintained the good record and produce more; also they did not take for granted the popularity of the product. In the year of 2010 month of September, The Nintendo Company comes in a product that they released. After the month of September, that was August, Nintendo again released another version of the firmware which they released last September 2010. That was the biggest threat from the R4i SDHC 1.4 and R4i Gold because they lost all their incomes, costumers and buyers. That was the end of the R4i SDHC 1.4 and R4i Gold. Most of the flashcard was replaced by firmware version of Nintendo.

There were already new products released in the market today, different flashcards, firmware, and many more. Although some were affected by the issue of Nintendo firmware, there were also some companies that were not affected by it. There are specific products such as DSi firmwares, DSi firmware 1.4.1, also the EZ Flash, Hyper R4i Supercard DSTWO and more flashcards and firmwares to mention. All of the following are doing well in the market today because they still have their own style on how to get their costumers attention when it comes to marketing. The R4i Gold not definitely lost their income but still they keep on trying their best to be on top again and because of their good costing. It cannot be denied about the R4i Gold was the first among the other, but we all know that there are new versions that were coming out. But R4i Gold was working on it, to protect its quality. 

Competition was very tough in the market, they produce more gadgets, devices, and many more that has a low cost and effective. Nintendo firmware is doing their best to reach the top and to be the best among other companies. They are always working on much more unique devices. They made it more interesting.