R4i Gold

The R4i Gold, launched in August 2010 just 3 days after the Nintendo firmware was released, was probably one of the best flashcarts ever released. The reason being that it offered a wide range of features at an extraordinary low cost. The quality of this product was also unparallel. It was the very first firmware update for the DSi console and it also was the very first linker for DSi console version 1.4 and DSi console version 1.4E. The marketing strategy that went behind this product also managed to grab many eye balls and helped boost this product to its peak of popularity and there by increase the revenues earned by this product; the R4i Gold. The R4i Gold was created and launched by the team at www.r4ids.com. It is also known as R4i Gold 3ds. This is basically a modern slot for the 1 flash flashcart. The R4i Gold is extremely compatible with various versions of DSi. The product is very reliable and comes at a very affordable cost. The IMO or game compatibility of the product R4i Gold is far superior. There are more expensive flashcarts that do not provide the same level of compatibility with games at this R4i Gold. The R4i Gold supports all previous versions of DSi consoles whether they are modified or unmodified. This includes the R4i SDHC. It also supports the unmodified versions like DS Lite, DS, DSi, DSi XL and the DSi 3DS.

The R4i does not need any additional tools for updating. The booting is done from within the DSi console firmware itself. It is the first of its kind and combines various features of previous cards like the R4i SDHC and the R4i Ultra. The prior flashcarts all functioned pretty well and no complaints were issued against it which is why the R4i Gold managed to be an added bonus to an already properly functioning firmware. The R4i Gold ensures stable compatibility through the use of wood firmware. The wood firmware makes certain that the functions of the R4i Gold can be enjoyed on all games. The functions include support cleaning for ROMs and for cheat supports in various games. The R4i Gold was released simultaneously with the Nintendo firmware. The wood firmware made certain that plenty of skins were available for the users.

Skins offered variety for the users and with each skin there were various tools attached to them. The low cost of the R4i Gold product also helped boost its popularity. The product was a unique and refreshing combination of various functions, features and good service along with a fairly reasonable cost. This sort of product is rarely seen in the market and hence its release and the various functions offered made it an instant hit among the different users, distributors and resellers. There were various clients who were interested in this product and the popularity peaked with more users gushing about the awesome functions that the R4i Gold had to offer. 

The state-of-the-art R4i Gold Edition flash cartridge that is out on the stands is an incredible device that is small, portable, and power packed in terms of memory, compatibility and multi-utility. This flash cart is a superb improvement on the typical R4i regular editions – bringing along with it a new revolution and initiating the next generation of R4i flash carts. This top-notch gaming peripheral is something that is essential to your gaming experience and you simply can’t afford to let this one pass you by. 

Now, what’s so great about this new edition? In short – everything! The R4i GE flash cart provides so many advantages that you just can’t get enough of it. For starters, it doesn’t make you install cumbersome softwares and you never have to buy any additional parts to make it work properly. Moreover, it works like magic with the new DSi firmwares and also, once you get the firmware, you don’t have to update it ever again. 

Just take a look at this list of pluses that has been put together for the R4i Gold Edition carts. 

:: With regard to system setup, the R4i GE carts have their own kernel that beats the R4i regular series any day.
:: Typically, R4i need you to update your firmware, but this is not the case with R4i GE.
:: The R4i GE is attuned to detect SDHC cards, Micro SD cards of almost all sizes (up to 32GB)
:: Supports several additional features like the rumble pak, memory pak, WiFi, and DS browser.
:: Is compatible with the Nintendo DSi.

At the end of it all, your Nintendo handheld ceases to be just another gaming device – it lets you watch movies, listen to your favorite playlists, store and manage photo albums, and even surf the internet. 

The R4i GE package comes with R4i TF Micro SD Adapter, USB memory card reader / writer, and case cover.

Thanks to the huge success of the R4i card, the R4i Gold had a solid name to build on and with the new features that were being brought to the table it was no wonder that the R4i Gold was so successful. Firstly unlike many others the R4i Gold features an onboard update chip that constantly keeps track of new updates from the R4i team, this means that whenever Nintendo releases an update for your console you can be sure that the R4i Gold will quickly have a solution and this has lead to huge success for both the R4i Gold team and also the users who enjoy uninterrupted entertainment from the start.